Fixing a Car Scratch for Less

Car scratches can come from anywhere. A shopping cart, a key, a child’s bike handle, or that passenger who opens the door too fast and nicks the next vehicle are just a few examples. A small scratch may be hardly noticeable but can get bigger quickly if not fixed. Deeper scratches pose more risk because debris, water, and dirt will rust out that area. They are also unsightly. The area will need to be sanded, buffed, and repainted. An automobile body repair shop will cost a small fortune.

Pricing is typically figured by the number of panels that require fixing. One panel will cost several hundreds of dollars and can be as high as one-thousand dollars, depending on the damage. One deep key scratch along the entire length of a vehicle will effect all four panels, which will cost thousands of dollars. Most insurance policies will cover the damage, but premiums will go up as a result. The owner still has to pay the deductible, which can range from two-hundred and fifty to two-thousand dollars. People on a tight budget will not be able to cover those costs.

There are alternatives to fixing a car scratch that will only cost a small fraction of what the repair shops charge. Many products designed to remove scratches are offered online. That is convenient, but can be minimally effective if the product is low quality. It is important to compare those products. Find one that includes detailed instructions and provides step-by-step demonstration videos on the site. A money back guarantee is an excellent indicator that the product will deliver outstanding and professional looking results. Keep in mind that deeper scratches may require more than one treatment.

The scratch remover will only be successful if the paint is touched up properly. Many sites sell these products separately so the customer has to purchase both. An upgraded bundle is available that includes both an ultimate scratch remover and an ultimate touch up paint system at one low price. The paint included is thicker than most touch up paint and is matched to vehicles via the paint code from the manufacturer. That ensures the paint will not stand out from the rest of the vehicle. Scratches will happen so be prepared and save money at the same time.