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How Creating a GSE Inspection Program Can Maximize Efficiency and Safety

Summary: GSE Inspection Programs that are properly managed can positively affect the team environment along with overall efficiency.

 If you want to ensure accountability amongst all members of your GSE team, you’ll need a properly managed inspection program that every individual must follow appropriately. This involves holding each mechanic and inspector accountable for his or actions. To ensure that a thorough system is in place, there are some simple items that should be included on your checklist. Some of these include: checking fluid levels, checking lights and indicators on portable power systems, conducting brake checks, and visually inspecting belts, hoses, tires, and lug nuts. Now, these are just basic items and of course there are more items that need to be added but you get the gist.

Accountability Enforcement

Be sure that you enforce accountability. Assign each piece of equipment to an employee and write down his or her name on the GSE checklist sheet. This way, you’ll know where the root of the problem occurs, assuming something does go wrong. For instance, if John is assigned to the portable power supply equipment, he needs to be responsible for documenting everything that he does to every piece of equipment – along with a date and time. This can’t be stressed enough – documentation means everything in aviation maintenance.

Instill Confidence

A critical element of a successful GSE program is instilling confidence in the hearts and minds of your employees by repairing the noted items in a timely fashion. This not only means you as a team are being productive, but you’re also showcasing the program is a corporate priority.

On the other hand, one of the biggest problems you’ll face without having a proper checklist in place is incorrect reporting. Needless to say, this comes with severe repercussions.

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