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Important Facts About The Whizzinator Modern times has seen introduction of some amazing devices whose existence was never imagined and among them is the whizzinator. It is simply a fake male organ with ability to produce fake piss when required. Popularity of the whizzinator is gaining popularity among the athletes alongside other industries for its ability to produce urine that they use to falsify urine tests. Further, the whizzinator is used as a sex stimulator alongside being a toy in numerous scenes. The whizzinator is bought as a kit with various components included. Main components of the package include the synthetic urine, a male organ creation and a strap. Release of the urine is done through the male organ provided in the kit and this forms the basic component among others in the package. The synthetic urine is a chemical composition provided in powder form and is responsible for production of an exact sample of the urine. To hold the urine in place, the star comes in handy and in its use it makes the male organ appear as natural as possible when correctly fixed. Owing to the growing popularity of the device, the whizzinator is now facing stiff regulations in some states across the globe. The regulations are being used to curb the growing popularity of the device as a means to cheat in sporting activities as well as increasing prevalence as a sex tool among the minors.
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With the regulations in place and the growing popularity of the whizzinator, there are numerous fake designs in the market today. Sourcing for genuine products is therefore one of the essential considerations that every genuine client needs to take seriously. This should contain synthetic urine with the same color, scent, foam, acidity and pH as the normal human urine.
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The whizzinator is not a single sex device. Clients can easily find either male or female whizzinator to serve the individual needs. Abiding by the regulations in place concerning purchase and usage of the whizzinator is important for the client before making the acquisition. Accessibility of extra synthetic urine kits is also of importance to the buyer where this should be available at the time of initial acquisition of the kit or at a alter date. Usage of the whizzinator varies widely between the buyers. Manufacturers highly recommend avoidance in using the device for activities that may bleach the law. Other big recommendation is ensuring the user of the device is mature enough as per the laws of the state. When used according to the prescribed standards, it is a safe device that greatly reduces the risks among others transmission of diseases and infection that are passed on through urine.