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Minimum Requirements for the Best Gaming Laptop When you look at all the choices that you have when it comes to the best gaming laptops; you will find that you have numerous options from all sorts of companies. Today, everyone seems to want to get into the gaming world, especially now that gamers are continually upgrading, purchasing and use their equipment. The the reason for gamers doing this is because the game developers are always a step ahead of technology and the gamers want to keep up with it. Before you end up being confused on what to choose next, here are some essential requirements that you will need to decide which is the best laptop for your gaming needs. Video Card The the video card is responsible for delivering you with the best graphics, therefore, getting the best option here means that you can get to play the latest games at highest speed. By combining a good graphic card and a super processor, you will have a high rated combination that will continually impress you. This will largely increase the cost but if you want ultimate performance, you should consider a dedicated card that is not incorporated into the computer. The card should be a stand-alone component that can be removed and upgraded if need be. Size of Screen If you are looking at having the best gaming laptop; you will enjoy the greatness that comes with no less than 17″ screen. You have to get a seventeen inch screen and if it is not enough, go with something bigger if you find it. If you cannot afford a screen that size, there is always a choice of a smaller one, but this will not offer the same resolution as the larger one would.
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The RAM Size There are many different angles from which to view this, but the fact remains that a large amount of RAM allows you to play games fast. With less amount RAM, you will not be able to play games online nearly as fast, and you also will not be able to run the latest games. The least amount that you should go with is 4 gigs.
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Optical Drive The latest games are being produced in high definition and are using the latest Blu-ray formatting. It is essential that you get a Blu-ray option and make sure that it is up to par with writing and revising. Having a fast drive allows you to get into a new game faster than before, assuming that you won’t be purchasing a download from the site of the official manufacturer. Even after buying a game, you can download it and then burn to a disc for backup. If you intend to buy a gaming laptop, it is important that you set aside a good budget for this. You do not want to spend a lot of money in a lackluster option, ensure that you are contented with the price of the machine that you buy, and you will have the best gaming experience.