Regular Boat Maintenance And Timely Repairs

Modes of transportation, whether they are meant for ground travel or sea transport, need regular maintenance and timely repairs to remain efficient and functional at all times. If you own a boat or yacht, you need to take as good care of it as you would do for your car. A little effort can help you extract great efficiency and performance from the craft.

The basic care activities that need to be performed on a boat to keep it in great shape include:

  • Annual service: A new boat must be serviced between the first 20-30 hours of use. After that, it is important that the vessel gets regular servicing and preventive maintenance checkup on an annual basis. This will include checking engine alignment, adjusting engine timing, changing the oil, filter transmission & stern drive fluids, and a general inspection of all the systems. Boats are used more frequently during the summer and spring months, so you are likely to get quicker and better services if you schedule the maintenance during the winter and fall months.
  • Regular washing: You should wash the boat thoroughly after every outing with fresh water, especially when you use it in saltwater. For best results, a long-handled brush should be used along with cleaning solutions that are made specifically for boats. With proper cleaning, your boat will not only look good, but also be more fuel-efficient.
  • Protection from water damage: The boat is used in the water; still it has to be protected against water damage. Check the craft thoroughly to make sure that water does not get lodged in and accumulated in any part such as strainers, traps under the sinks, holding tanks, sea cocks, etc.
  • Winter protection: The vessel should be kept covered during the winter months to protect it from getting rusted or corroded due to snow, rain or the freezing temperatures.
  • Repainting: Being in water for prolonged time durations, the paint of the boat tends to get damaged. You can get the beauty and grace of your craft restored by getting it painted during the off-season.
  • Immediate attention to repairs: Even the smallest of defects must be attended to immediately. Timely repair service will save you from bigger and costlier repairs later on.

Though as an enthusiastic sailor, you might be tempted to clean and service your beloved boat with your own hands, it would be advisable to engage the services of a boat repair company to provide the maintenance and repairs on your vessel. You can very easily find a reliable local professional by asking your friends or colleagues for references or by searching across an online business directory.