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Demystifying Food Hubs Food hubs are businesses that set out to bridge the gap that exists between producers of foods products and the market. This is important because, otherwise, the farmers will operate on losses and the retailers, as well as whole sellers, will have no products to sell. There are many advantages of food hubs that must be made known. One of the benefits is that it creates opportunities for people to access fresh produce. Due to the fact that farmers make their products available to whole sellers and retailers, people can easily buy fresh veggies and other farm products quickly without having to make the journey to the farm. Another advantage of food hubs is that it boosts productivity of food because, when farmers know that they have a guaranteed market for their food, they will plant more and tend to their land to boost yield. Since most farmers a have been assured the market, they are encouraged to the extra mile to benefit from this provision.
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Food security is a positive aspect that has been enabled by the availability of ready food produce in the market. Availability of food freely means that people will get sufficient supply hence reduced or no hunger. Without food- a basic need for human beings, most people stand a chance of dying due to starvation.
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The need to have staff members working in different operations in the food hub is a source of jobs for people. Also, when produce is made available in the market, retailers will have products to sell thus opening up shops and market stalls to sell the food. This is important because, if people can make a living for themselves, they can be able to live a comfortable life without having to beg. Food hubs are advantageous to both the producers as well as the consumers because it levels the playing field hence reducing the chances of exploitation. It is important for the hubs to have rules in place to govern the operations to avoid any form of misconduct. With the availability of these food hubs, it is important to note that, farmers are assisted in getting their produce to the market hence saving on cash. With the money saved, they are better placed to improve their lives. It is, therefore, a fundamental need to ensure that the farmers are well taken care of and their processes well handled; this is important because, when they have the rind mindset as well as peace of mind, they can work better thus ensuring that there is a constant supply of food in the market. These food co-operations are an important part of society, and by all means, awareness should be created about them due to the many benefits they bring to the society.