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What You Need to Know about the Pink Diamond

Diamonds are some of the most valuable stones mined by man. Many people love diamonds. They have a great appeal, and they can be used to create some attractive stuff including ornaments. Women happen to be lovers of diamonds more than men. This might be a matter of debate. Nonetheless one cannot deny the beauty of a diamond. Diamonds come in various types. One of the most beautiful forms known is the pink diamond. Below are some facts to know about the pink diamond.

They are Pricy
Diamonds can be expensive. Nevertheless, the pink diamond happens to be even more expensive than white diamonds. This is due to the rareness of these pink diamonds to mention they are of higher quality than the white diamonds. In most cases, the price of an Argyle pink diamond depends on the tone and saturation of its color. The highest in cost is usually the rock, which has the most intense color. Demand also plays a significant role in the cost of such diamonds. Every investor and gem collector ends up paying a very high interest rate to get these luxury jewels.

They Come in a Range of Colors
Argyle has a unique system, which it uses to grade colors. The system can comprehend the various variations of the pink diamonds. This system has helped to improve the pricing structure in relation to every diamond and its unique color traits.
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The grading system has a color representation that ranges from 1 to 9 which usually represents the darkest shades of pink to the lightest shades. Some of the tones of pink that are also included are pure pink, rose pink, champagne pink, rare red and purple pink. The different shades of pink are great because men can also have access to a masculine shade of color.
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They Come Exclusively from Australia
If you thought you could get this diamond anywhere, you are wrong. The pink argyle diamond is mined exclusively in Australia. If you want to purchase the diamond, you may have to use the services of a broker which are very expensive. An alternative possibility is to buy it from someone who already owns one. It is important to know that very soon the diamonds will no longer be produced because the mine in Australia is just about to close down. This implies that the pink diamond will continue being rare as days go by. The price will keep rising every single day.

Great Investment
If you get your hands on a pink diamond, and you have some the money to invest in it then you probably should. Buying one of these diamonds is a huge investment. The price of these diamonds increase daily due to its demand and supply curve. You can purchase one today and sell it at a higher price tomorrow. Nonetheless, you should always ensure that you are dealing with real merchandise when handling such valuables.